!"But Abu Ibrahim, We're Family"

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Lee Perlman

abu-ibrahim2017, 199 עמודים. 50 ₪

קישור לראיון שערכה מבקרת תיאטרון באדינבורו עם המחבר, לי פרלמן, על ספרו


למשלוח חו"ל, יש לפנות למרכז לבדיקת עלות המשלוח בהתאם ליעד המבוקש

"But Abu Ibrahim, We're Family!" is a series of case studies describing collaborations between Jewish and Palestinian professional theater artists in Israel and the theater they create about their realities. It depicts the ways the artists navigate shifting power dynamics and relations between them, while working together to overcome external social and political forces which run counter to their work. It analyzes the socio-political and socio-cultural significance of four "joint productions," collaborative professional theater productions by Jewish and Palestinian citizens of the State of Israel between 2000-2010.

In these productions, Jewish Israelis and Palestinians share a stage and essentially wage the conflicts between them non-violently. These productions both represent and reflect the conflictual relations between these two national groups, by attempting to understand, present, often satirize and transform these conflicts on stage.
These productions serve as a tentative model of shared citizenship in the work place - how Jewish Israelis and Palestinians can work together in professional settings, through ongoing negotiation towards equality within the present political situation. The productions attempted and invariably succeeded in challenging inequality and disenfranchisement, amplifying the non-hegemonic voices of Palestinian citizens, that lie outside the norm of and are often excluded from social and political discourse in Israel's Jewish polity.